What Is The Principle That High Temperature Belt Bears High Temperature?

- Aug 24, 2018-

High temperature tape is a kind of high temperature resistant tape which can be used at high temperature. Generally used in industrial use, its heat resistance level can reach 120 °, 260 ° between, often used in paint, leather processing, coating covered and electronic parts of the lacquer that bake process in the fixed cover, printed circuit boards and heat treatment purposes.

So, what is the principle of high temperature belt resistance to high temperature? That is to say, why can high temperature belt withstand high temperature? In fact, its high temperature resistance is mainly due to the fact that its base material and glue are different from other adhesive tapes. High-temperature adhesive tapes are made of high-temperature material molecules. The structure is relatively stable when heated, so it can withstand high temperature.

Each kind of tape has its special performance, the high-temperature tape can withstand the high temperature, the insulating tape can be insulated, the conductive tape can be conductive, they are made of different base materials and glue.