What Is Unique About Fireproof Materials Glass Wool

- May 14, 2019-


Fireproof materials glass wool unique (interpretation: unique, special) advantages (interpretation: the favorable situation that can overwhelm each other): Class A fire (fáng huǒ), permanent non-combustible, low hygroscopicity, stable physical properties ( Explanation: stable and stable; no change) - anti-microbial (fungus) anti-mildew, to ensure a healthy environment (environment) - corrosion resistance (interpretation: refers to decay, disappearance, erosion, etc.) strong, suitable for a variety of occasions - thermal conductivity Low, strong insulation performance. Glass wool felt This material can be arbitrarily cut according to the needs during construction. It is mainly used in building interiors, noise reduction systems, vehicles, refrigeration equipment, household appliances for shock absorption, sound absorption and noise reduction. The effect is very satisfactory. Glass wool felt manufacturers have aluminum foil veneered glass wool felt, and also have strong resistance to heat radiation. It is an excellent lining material for high temperature workshop, control room, machine room inner wall, compartment and flat top.